Curriculum Vitae

Spoken Languages:
Turkish (Native tongue), English (Advanced on technical and commercial jargons)

HAM radio, Biking, Boating, Fishing

Overview of Skills:
Analysis, engineering, implementation and maintenance of different systems designed for/by different disciplines; mainly information technologies and electronics. / Openness to new ideas, ability and urge to learn new techniques and developing ideas.


Short Term:
To put the knowledge and experience that I gained from my previous studies and my work experience into good use; increasing work effiency and productivity in the work environment, with people that currently work in similar areas of interest.

Medium Term:
To create unique ideas for the solutions of newly raised problems and new areas of interest.

Long Term:
To increase my work experience even to another higher level utilising my technical knowledge and capabilities, while investing for the future.

Education & Learning History
– Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Information and Communications (Bilişim Enstitüsü) (2001-2003) Information Technologies, Master of Science Degree
– University of Istanbul, Faculty of Engineering (1994-2000) Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science Degree
– Nişantaşı Anadolu Lisesi (Old English High School for Boys) (1987-1993) Preptory School, Secondary School, High School
– Nişantaşı Anadolu Lisesi (Old English High School for Boys) Computer Basics and Programming Courses (1989-1992)
Certificates & Licenses
– B Class Driver’s Licence (2007)
– Radio Amateur Licence (Republic of Turkey Telecommunications Authority-2003)
– SuSE Linux System Administration (Brainbench-2000 (Transcript ID: 1951927))
– PHP4 (Brainbench-2000 (Transcript ID: 1951927))
– RedHat Enterprise Linux System Administration (Brainbench-2008 (Transcript ID: 4876702))

Areas of Interest

Electronics & Communications
– Radio telecommunications, antennas, transmission lines; calculation and implementation
– SAR & Amateur (HAM) radio systems and applications
– Radio/VoIP conversion and transmission systems

IT & Computer Science
– Open Source Software
– Linux and practical uses
– Computer and network forensics
– Security system applications
– Internet-Intranet systems
– Database management systems
– Web applications
– Electronic data archival and retrieval
– Image processing
– Data and network security management, vulnerability assessment and rectification
– Wireless data acquisition and transmission (WLAN/packet radio)
– Networking (TCP/IP and others)

General Engineering
– System analysis and design
– Energy conversion
– Project and resource management

Computer Software & Programming Languages Expertise

Operating System Software
– Many Linux distributions (especially Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, Fedora, Cent OS)
– *BSD
– Desktop and server releases of MS Windows since V 3.0
– Mac OS

Server Software
– Postfix (mail transfer agent)
– MySQL & MariaDB (RDBMS)
– Apache (web server)
– Nginx (web server)
– PHP5-FPM (fast process manager)
– SAMBA (CIFS File Server)
– VMWare Server (virtualization server)
– VMWare Server ESXi (virtualization server)
– Proxmox Virtualization Environment (virtualization server)

Helper Applications
– Nessus (security assessment suite)
– Rapid7 Nexpose (security assessment suite)

Middle-ware & Frameworks
– eAccelerator
– CakePHP
– Joomle CMS
– ZenCart e-commerce framework
– ZenMagick e-commerce framework
– E-commerce software such as osCommerce, OpenCart, X-Cart, Magento

Forensics Software
– SleuthKit
– SleuthKit Autopsy
– AccessData Forensics Toolkit

Graphics and Design Software
– Adobe Photoshop
– CorelDraw
– Inkscape
– Scribus

Programming, Scripting and Shell Languages
– JavaScript / JQuery
– C / C++
– Python

Markup and definition languages
– CSS2

Professional Activities
– Computer and network forensics
– Computer and internet security
– Web applications on PHP
– PCI compliant, secure, extensible and reliable e-commerce systems
– Interactive web sites and content management applications
– Implementation of latest engineering and IT technologies
– E-commerce system design and optimisation
– Enterprise and small business grade internet/Intranet security systems (Firewall systems, security management and alike)
– Enterprise and small business grade internet/Intranet systems (Web, e-mail, proxy, file and application servers)
– Server virtiualization
– Linux on the desktop environment
– Linux and Linux applications for use other than on servers or the desktop
– Wireless network topologies and applications

Main Samples of Previous and Current Work
– Digital artifact, malicious software activity and evidence analysis on world spoken legal cases (Balyoz, Poyrazkoy, Ergenekon, et al.) (2012 to date)
– Forensic expert on information technology and information technology crimes to the Court of Istanbul (2010 to date)
– Design and optimisation of a security assured e-commerce system capable of handling very large scale operations under minimum possible budget (2009 to date)
Design and deployment of many small business to enterprise grade internet/Intranet security systems (1998 to date)
– Design and deployment of many enterprise and small business grade internet/Intranet server systems (Linux systems with 99.99% uptime) (1998 to date)
– Design, development and maintenance of several commercial web sites (1997 to date)
– Automated Passport/Visa Scanning / Passport, visa and generic travel document analysis and passenger automation software (2006)
– Türk Telekom A.Ş. İstanbul Area Branch Linux migration project (Pilot project) (2004)
– Web based goods stocks management software (PHP) (2003-2004)
– Türk Telekom A.Ş. İstanbul Area Branch Linux high level security e-mail server implemention and maintenance (2003)
– Interactive industry web portal for weaved textile manufacturers ( – (PHPNuke based extended development) (2001)
– Interactive web site about car insurance advice (PHP) (2001)
– ”Technical and Engineering Education in 2000’s: A Comparison of Turkish Technical Education to Other Countries”- Research Paper, Finals Project (2000)
– Magazine articles for Computer Shopping Türkiye and PCNet (1999)
– Low maintenance small business Intranet server on Windows NT 4.0 Server for MESS Eğitim Vakfı (1998)
– Total Productive Maintenance team work and Handbook (1998)
– Easy to use and easy to maintain simple customer and student database for MESS Eğitim Vakfı (1997)
– Zero-maintenance dial-up internet connection sharing system and simple proxy server for MESS Eğitim Vakfı (1997)
– Operation of an amateur BBS and HiTNeT message exchange hub (1996-2000)
– Application program for calculation numerical analsis and solution for cooling of a microprocessor (Visual Basic) (1997)
– Small application programs for the solution of physics theories (Q Basic & GW Basic) (1990-1993)

Work Experience
– NETBÜLANS bilgi-iletişim sistemleri (February 2001 to date) – Founder and owner
– FOİL Ambalaj A.Ş. (September 2002-April 2003) – Technology director
– HolyArts Tasarım ve İletişim Hizmetleri (October 1998 – February 2001) – Founding partner
– Dataprints Multimedia (June 1998 – October 1998) – Web developer & system support specialist
– MESS Eğitim Vakfı İktisadi İşletmesi (June 1997 – September 1998) – Web developer & system support specialist
– BEKO Elektronik A.Ş. (September 1998 – October 1998) – Intern
– Oğuz Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (September 1997 – October 1997) – Intern
– FOİL Ambalaj A.Ş. (June 1996 – October 1996) – IT specialist

Reference persons and samples of previous projects can be supplied upon request.

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